The 5 Senses of Placenta Encapsulation

placenta encapsulation

We provide placenta encapsulation services right in your home. This is the safest and most hygienic location for the service to be performed. (Read more about that here.) Some clients when hearing about this, have questions about how the placenta encapsulation process will affect their 5 senses while we are in their home. Let’s explore each of them:

Is there an odor during the placenta encapsulation process?

There may be a mild aroma during a brief time while your postpartum placenta specialist is in your home. We steam your placenta, along with lemon and ginger root, for about ten minutes. You may only smell lemon and ginger. You may smell a bit of a stronger odor, more like meat cooking. If you are sensitive to odors, we recommend you leave the kitchen or burn a nice candle during this short period.

What does my placenta look like?

Many clients have expressed that they think their placenta looks like liver. The placenta is usually round-shaped, has a membrane on one-side along with the long, tube-shaped umbilical cord. It may or may not have blood or blood clots on it. You are welcome to observe any part of our process or none at all.

What do placenta pills taste like?

Hopefully, nothing. We take the time to individually wipe each filled capsule with sterile gauze. This reduces the amount of powdered placenta on the outside of your pills and hopefully makes it so that you taste nothing at all. Some clients still experience a slight earthy taste. If you’ve taken vitamins before, this is a comparable flavor. Your postpartum placenta specialist will also supply you with recommended consumption guidelines that may help minimize any taste.

Is there any noise during placenta encapsulation?

For the most part, our postpartum placenta specialists work hard to be as unobtrusive in your home as possible. After all, you’ve just had a baby and now that baby is home! There is a short time on day two of the process when your dehydrated placenta will be ground into a powder. The grinder is quite loud, but only needs to run for several minutes.

What does my placenta feel like?

If you’d like to know first-hand, your postpartum placenta specialist would be happy to give you a pair of gloves and allow you to gently and safely handle your placenta. It is yours! You grew it along with your baby. Since it has come from refrigeration, it is cold and squishy. (It was warm inside your body.) You’re welcome to explore any aspect of your placenta – the sac, cord and baby and mother sides… if you want. If you want to be cuddled up in bed or on the couch with your little one and having nothing at all to do with what we’re doing, that’s okay, too!

Check out: Frequently Asked Questions About Placenta Encapsulation for more info. 

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