Placenta Safety: What’s the Big Deal?

Placenta Safety

Why are we so adamant about safety when it comes to placenta encapsulation? (As a reminder, we don’t transport your placenta and we only encapsulate in your home.)

There’s no doubt whose placenta it is. We provide all of our clients with a personal transportation kit, equipped with everything you need to safely move your placenta from your birth location to your home. Your placenta never leaves your control so you can be sure that it is, indeed, yours.

Blood-borne pathogens. There are three main pathogens to be concerned with: Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and HIV. These are serious, sometimes deadly, diseases. We’re certified in proper handling and containment of pathogens and use hospital-grade disinfectants. Most of our equipment is one-use only; it is brand new when we use it with your placenta and it is disposed of after we’re done with your placenta.

It’s your kitchen and your house. It’s also your sink, your refrigerator, your family members… your dog! You get the point. You know how clean your kitchen is and what’s going on there. When placenta encapsulation is done off-site, it might be fine. It might! But how can you be sure? Do you really want to take a chance with that?

Cross-contamination. Yours is the only placenta in the whole building. There is no risk at all of cross-contamination with other people’s placentas. There’s also zero chance that you’ll get someone else’s organ inside your capsules.

Transparency. There’s nothing secret about what we do. We’re such sticklers for safety that you are welcomed to observe the entire process, if desired.

Placenta encapsulation offers so many benefits to the mother, but the handling and processing of it is not without risks. For these reasons, and many more, we recommend hiring professional placenta encapsulators from BetFiery. Our team is completely committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and excellence possible.

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