Whether everything about this childbearing experience is all new, or you are just looking for some experienced guidance, sometimes the best option is to speak with a trusted professional who understands and can answer your questions.

BetFiery is happy to offer consulting to help you plan to grow your family at all stages. Our doulas and educators are professionals and experts on pregnancy, birth and babies. Our team has years of experience and long-term relationships with local Tampa Bay care providers, birthing locations, family resources and centers that can be recommended as needed. Let us accommodate your needs with an personalized consultation!


If you’re thinking about starting a family, preparing for pregnancy is an important step. Perhaps you're looking to achieve a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or may have a high-risk pregnancy due to other factors. Maybe you're already pregnant and would like advice on finding a care provider that will support the kind of birth experience you are hoping for. Our expert and experienced doulas are available to help you craft your unique plan.


Evaluating what your birth preferences are and how to communicate them to your care provider requires finesse. Our doulas can walk you through all of the different options to help you decide what feels right for you! This includes providing information on local hospital protocol, induction policies, pain management options and more. Our experienced doulas can help you finalize your birth plan before you share it with your care provider.


Congratulations! Your baby is on the way. Are you feeling consumed by questions, like... Which items are the most useful? Which brands are the best? Does your house need babyproofing? How will you feed your baby and where will she sleep? How will you care for her after a return to work? Our doulas are the experts and are available to help you get everything prepared for life after baby.


Our Top Five Strollers for 2021

Picking out the perfect stroller can feel a little daunting with so many options available. You may be unsure of what features you’ll like or need until your baby arrives. Whether you are pregnant and creating your baby registry, working on establishing a nap schedule with your newborn, or juggling an infant and a toddler…

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Baby Registry Advice

The Best Baby Registry – Advice from a Postpartum Doula (updated Jan 2023)

As postpartum doulas, we work with a LOT of new families… first time moms, first time dads and newborns. So it’s only natural that we get asked, a LOT, what our “must-haves” are for baby registries. Here it is! Yes, it’s a long list.  Please note, that this does not mean you need all of…

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Baby Preps Stressing You Out?

Code Red Baby Preps (updated May 2021)

I remember the urgent feeling of needing to have a crib before my first son was born. It felt so important. For some reason we left it til the very end of my pregnancy. The feeling of relief and preparedness that crib provided once it was sitting in our bedroom set-up and ready with the…

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Choosing your hospital and doctor for childbirth

How Are You Choosing Your Hospital & Care Provider?

You will remember giving birth for the rest of your life. It is a sacred event that should be a loving and happy experience. There are many factors that will determine the outcome of your birth, including your health, genetics, any previous births, where you choose to give birth and who your care provider is.…

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