Once your baby arrives, of course, you'll want them to travel safely in cars. Installing and using car seats for babies and younger children can be a challenge! Our certified child passenger safety technicians can check to make sure your car seats are installed correctly and teach you how to use and install a car seat on your own. With expert guidance and education you will have peace of mind knowing your little ones are safe.

Car Seat Information & Installation Session

Did you know that in the Tampa Bay area car seats are misused more than 80% of the time? Our team at BetFiery is passionate about proper car seat practices and use. From choosing the appropriate style and location for your car seats to safe installation and use, our car seat safety technicians are able to advise.

Should I have my car seat checked out before or after baby arrives?

Most parents will purchase a car seat before their baby's arrival. We offer prenatal consultations to help you choose and use your expected baby's seat. 

After your baby’s birth, consider getting another check to make sure you're doing it right! We’re available still as your baby grows and may require a different angle or adjustment of a current seat, or outgrows one seat and requires a new one.

Playing the Car Seat Puzzle?

If you have more than one child passenger in your car, it may be a struggle to figure out how all of their seats will “puzzle” together in your vehicle in the safest way possible. Our child passenger safety technicians (CPST) are happy to research your exact scenarios and help you make plans that work for you and your family.

What happens during a car seat safety session?

Before your session, be ready to learn! Our certified passenger safety technicians are trained to educate you on the safe use of your child's seat. You’ll need to know your child’s current weight and height, as well as the make and model of her car seat. If your baby hasn’t been born yet, that’s okay. You’ll also need to be familiar with and have in your possession both the manual for your child’s car seat and the manual for your vehicle. It’s helpful if you try to install the seat first before your appointment. Your child should be present for the appointment, as well as another caregiver. (If you’re pregnant, don’t worry about that part!)

Your car seat installation and information session will take place at your home and typically lasts for 60-90 minutes per car seat. The child passenger safety technician (CPST) will ask you questions about who rides in your car, review your current seats for appropriate use and sizing, review your manual with you, and check for safety recalls. Then your CPST will guide you through the proper installation of your seat. You are encouraged to ask questions, learn how to install in different seating positions and using different installation techniques. We’ll discuss next steps for your child, state laws and best practices, and safety in and around your vehicle.

Your questions will be thoroughly answered and you’ll feel confident about installing and using your child’s car seat correctly.


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